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Great quality removals offered by West Hampstead Movers, very fast, efficient and reliable, and even the most annoying furniture to move was done no problem. So glad I saved myself the stress and hired professionals.

  • Linda Beans
  • 18Sep 2017

The movers at Removals West Hampstead are hardworking and cooperative. They helped me in the entire removals process, and none of them lagged behind. Moreover, they charged me the price they had given me during the estimate. These movers are the best.

  • Valentine
  • 28Aug 2017

I love this company, I love their services, I love their staff and I love their prices. WestHampsteadRemovals helped me with my office move but it was their packing service that really showed me what they're made of! This is a company that only works with really experienced and professional teams, and that definitely shows through with their packing service! It was fast, organised, efficient and great value for money. I'm definitely a happy customer!

  • Harry J.
  • 22Oct 2014

Yet again another appraisable service provided by WestHampsteadRemovals. This company has got to be the best around! It really is amazing! So if you need first class removal services, I recommend no other company but this one and you will definitely be happy with them! I have used those endless times and would never stop using them as they are one of a kind. They offer good services at good prices!

  • J. Hodge
  • 18Sep 2014

I can give this company high praise because on so many levels they exceeded my expectations. Apart from the fact they transported everything safe and sound to my new home without damaging or losing anything, it was just a really great day and something I wasn't expecting to be honest. The removal men were friendly and they also looked professional in terms of appearance which I always take as a good sign. The removal truck looked modern and clean and every time I phoned the company they were pleasant to deal with and informative. Although I thanked you already, I'd like to thank everyone at WestHampsteadRemovals again for giving me such a wonderful removal day.

  • Antony
  • 13Aug 2014

There's not one instance I can remember where I've honestly said that I have had an easy move. There's always been one thing or another which has slowed me down or cost too much or made settling into a new home that little bit more difficult. This time, though, I followed the advice of a friend and hired WestHampsteadRemovals to help me. With a bit of expert assistance, I can honestly say that this was the most pleasant moving experience I've ever had. So I wanted to say thanks to all of the team for all of the help.

  • Constance Swanson
  • 26Jun 2014

WestHampsteadRemovals collected and delivered two new sofas to my house - and boy was I thankful! I have neither the strength nor the vehicle nor the know-how to collect big purchases like that from retail outlets, but this company are naturals. They even unpacked the settees and helped me put them together. They now make my home look even lovelier than before, and it's largely thanks to WestHampsteadRemovals. Big, big thank you to everyone who assisted us that day - I'll be recommending you to my friends. A++!

  • Henrietta Lamb
  • 11Jun 2014

When you haven't got bags of cash to throw around, it can hard to get your hands on a decent removal company when you move. Luckily, a mate of mine recommended WestHampsteadRemovals to me and although I wasn't convinced that they'd be better than any other companies at first, they were actually superb. I don't have any bad words to say about them. They were on time, no delays, and they simply got on with their job. So, all in all, I was very happy indeed with the service that was provided to me.

  • Tyler Blackwell
  • 13May 2014

There's few better or more knowledgeable companies that I've had the pleasure of working with. As such, there are few companies who I would bother going online and praising. WestHampsteadRemovals are one of those companies, however, and I cannot stress enough just how happy I am with the service which they were able to provide. When it comes to sorting out the very best in moving experiences, they went above and beyond my expectations and made sure that I was entirely happy throughout the entire process. If you want to hire the best company around, they're the ones for you.

  • Jeremy Edwards
  • 29Apr 2014

When you are moving house, there is a lot to think about. From planning the whole thing, to ensuring that the packing is sorted correctly, it's hard to keep track of everything sometimes. However, I did find that having a great removals team on side made a huge difference, and this time, WestHampsteadRemovals were our saviors! You can not underestimate how essential a great team is on a removal, and these guys really did make everything run like clockwork, so I must thank them for that! A great service, for a very reasonable price, with a lovely team - perfect!

  • Jacquelyn Goodwin
  • 14Apr 2014

My daughter was moving into her first home and had been storing a lot of her new furniture and household things in secure storage. I knew which removal company to call straight away as I had been very pleased with them. WestHampsteadRemovals were an outstanding firm and provided an excellent service when it came to relocating. I gave them a call and sorted a price that was affordable, and from then they organised a date to move my excited daughters belongings in to her new place. We received a great service from a friendly bunch of workers and thank you for a meticulous job.

  • Gregory Decann
  • 29Mar 2014

There was only ever one place I was going to go to make sure that my move was done properly. I've hired WestHampsteadRemovals before, and since then I've recommended their services to loads of friends, all of whom have been equally as happy. So when it came to move house again, I knew exactly how to handle things. I put in the call, got everything arranged and before you knew it, I was settled into the new home. Great, expert services which costs far less than you might think. Looking forward to my next move already, see you then.

  • Joseph Hughes
  • 19Mar 2014

A top quality solution once again from WestHampsteadRemovals. It's not the first time I've hired them, and they always manage to bring their A game. They always know exactly how to come into a home and suss out the situation quickly. I always stand back in wonderment about how quickly they are able to put everything I own into a lorry in such a short amount of time, and then I'm equally amazed when they take it all off again. And the price is always excellent. All in all, a fantastic solution which I would not trade for any other.

  • Cheryl Davis
  • 05Mar 2014

From the second I gave WestHampsteadRemovals a call to the moment I dropped the van I hired back I didn't have a bad word to say about their service. Quite the opposite; it was excellent from start to finish. Now van hire isn't a service you expect to be bowled over by, but seriously I was. Friendly and helpful staff and a selection of vehicles you just won't appreciate until you see it. I ended up going for a bog-standard long-wheel-base model, but I could have had pretty-much anything it would seem. Then there was the price, which was really reasonable. Fantastic.

  • Jonathan P.
  • 18Feb 2014